We Help You Find and Accelerate Additional Income

After thoroughly reviewing existing and potential income sources and conducting an in-depth analysis of expenses, our Profit Review recommendations will be tailored to your customer base, market, and culture.

Since our only compensation for the Profit Review comes from you, we are objective without internal or external bias. Because the work is performed personally by the principal with extensive executive experience in financial institutions, you are assured the results are realistic and practical.

1. On-Site Research

  • Most reviews take 4 to 5 days on-site, spread over one to two weeks.
  • We perform a thorough bottom-up review of all income and expense items.
  • We review contracts, reports (primarily existing reports), financial statements, and 12 months of actual invoices.
  • We explore and verify observations with appropriate associates at your institution.
  • We will survey your major competitors for a thorough analysis of margin and non-interest income opportunities.
  • If warranted and with your approval, we will seek improved vendor proposals and negotiate contracts.

2. Analysis and Report

  • About two weeks after our on-site research is complete, we return to present our report which documents and quantifies our specific recommendations for profit improvement.
  • We continue to work with you and your service providers/vendors, as needed, while you decide what recommendations to implement.

3. Final Profit Improvement Decisions and Follow Up

  • Two to three weeks after the report is delivered, we meet with your Executive Team once again to review your final implementation decisions and obtain payment.
  • We remain available to assist with the implementation or other follow up as needed.

4. Payment – One-time Contingency Fee

  • Karns Profit Improvement® receives a one-time fee that is a percentage of the first year’s estimated profit improvement on the recommendations you elect to implement.
  • Our valuations of these recommendations are conservative and fair. However, should your determination of value differ, yours is the one used for payment.
  • We take this risk because we are confident in our work and trust in your fairness.
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