“The overall process was non-intrusive and the information requested was not difficult to provide. The final report format was very easy to understand and we found Profit Improvement to be agreeable and reasonable on the amount we owed to them. We believe they were very fair. It was all based on what was realistic for our bank and our processes. The experience was a good one and we feel that we received value for our dollars.”

Yuvonne Watt
Chief Operations Officer, First National Bank, Vinita, OK

“We just didn’t get it done. We didn’t have the time. You were very conservative with your estimates. The other value you bring is the knowledge you have.”

Zach Hall
President, Exchange Bank, Perry, OK

“Your comments on the contract documents were really, really good… Masterful job on the pricing. I’m elated.”

Kyle Russell
CEO Verus Bank, Derby, KS

“Our recent Profit Review proved to be most helpful in identifying several, easy to initiate, cost saving practices. All of the ideas were presented in a professional format and each recommendation included supporting documentation. The Profit Improvement representative was very interested in our thoughts throughout the entire process. Thank you for your professionalism and for working with us to improve many income and expense areas of our bank.”

Debbie Hill
CFO, Citizens Bank, Ardmore, Oklahoma

“You are a little different than most people that come in wanting to help us – more shirt sleeves and digging into the weeds. You guys peeled the onion back. It helped us get out of the humdrum and see some things we had missed. I was impressed with you guys.”

Roger Arwood
CEO, Citizens Bank & Trust, Chillicothe, MO

“Thank you so much for agreeing to work with us, then following that up with a truly outstanding effort and result. We were fortunate to have made contact with you. Your work ethic, demeanor, and razor-sharp intelligence resulted in a project team that was absolutely unbelievable. With a tremendous amount of gratitude, respect and admiration, thanks again.”

Kevin Chase
Chairman, Verus Bank, Derby, KS
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