Lower Costs and Improve Terms

Negotiating any vendor contract takes time, research, planning, and knowledge. And when it comes to IT and technology services that are so crucial to your financial institution, this process is even more critical and complex. Missed opportunities can be very costly.

There is a high ROI for knowing the market and the process.

We offer the practical, hands-on knowledge and experience that has a history of substantial savings in these complex negotiations. We not only know the vendor’s process, but we also know how to look for hidden costs, unfavorable terms, and unnecessary services that don’t match your needs.

As seasoned financial institution executives, we have the expertise to be the IT Contract negotiating arm of your institution. Trust us to negotiate your IT Service contracts for a better outcome.

NEGOTIATEKPI IT Contract Improvement services include:

  • Review client’s current and projected service needs
  • Request and obtain proposals from mutually agreed upon providers
  • Be the primary point of contact, if desired
  • Analyze and compare proposal(s) to each other and existing services
  • Comprehensive review of contract terms, services, costs, etc.
  • Develop recommendations regarding terms, services, and costs
  • Make diligent efforts to negotiate lower costs and other favorable terms based on known and anticipated market conditions and client’s strategic plans

For a strictly legal focus, consult your attorney. But to identify, analyze, and improve practical terms that have a strategic impact on your annual costs and franchise values, you’ll want to talk to us.

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