Changes to Bank Account Pricing Structures Are Inevitable Continued low interest rates and the high cost of technology are causing banks to restructure deposit account pricing. Here is what you have been able to find fairly easily with a local bank: Free checking with no minimum balance and unlimited check writing, free debit/ATM card, free […]

Do You Really Think Your Local Bank is “Evil”? For the last three years everything you have heard about banks has been negative. The criticism is all over the board. Banks: ruin lives by lending to people who cannot pay it back; mislead borrowers; gouge deposit customers with fees; pay themselves huge bonuses; refuse to […]

The Pro’s and Con’s of Rewards Checking Programs Because we have had the opportunity to evaluate the results of several Rewards Checking programs, banks occasionally seek our opinion. Many banks offer the product, and some well-managed banks will tout its success. Like most services and products, results vary depending on cultures and markets. That said, […]