Another Tip on Improving Non Interest Income and Margin Obviously the fewer the waivers the more the income. Easily said, but how can a bank lower the waiver rate? Yes senior management’s lead sets the tone for the bank, but anyone who has served as a senior manager has figured something out – just because […]

In Order for Customer Service To Be Great, It Cannot Be Free Community banks are known to give attentive and personal service. For the most part, these banks have attracted and developed employees who have an authentic and genuine concern for the well being of others. Helping others is often what attracts individuals to work […]

When bank employees accept that the bank’s rates and fees are fair and commit to maximizing the bank’s financial success, holding fast on pricing becomes a cultural norm. Yes there are key relationships and other unique circumstances, but at these banks they stay exceptions. It also goes without saying, senior management sets the tone by […]